An aesthetic feast!

There is an old saying in our business that your guests eat with their eyes first. How a dish looks can easily influence how it tastes. If you haven’t been in yet, here is a sample of how some of our dishes “taste.”


Overview of Cuisine & Passion
Specialty cakes for any occasion
Brunch at Cuisine & Passion
Some of our daily lunch specials
Passion-Cuisine (Rogers 23)
Salads and Sides
Main Dishes


Passion Cuisine (French-language program airing weekly on Rogers 23)
Cutting herbs with Chef Marc
Cooking with Chef Marc (Apple, celery and blue cheese salad)
Chef Marc grills the perfect steak
Laureen Harper, wife of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, drops in for lunch
The day Cuisine & Passion doubled in size
Chef Marc hosts a cooking class for TV station TFO. (French)
A profile of Chef Marc by CTV Ottawa
Chef Marc teaching American chefs at NY’s famous Plaza Hotel on Fifth Avenue